How Condo Associations Can Help Keep The Peace With Childless And Child-Filled Condos

Posted on: 13 September 2016
In a condominium building, the neighborhood is just a little bit closer than your average single family neighborhood. This means that neighbors will run into one another often and neighbors may also be more easily able to hear one another through the walls. If neighbors with children and those without children are not getting along or if there are a number of complaints about one another, this would be a good time for the condo association to step in to keep the peace.
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3 Reasons Sellers Should Get A Home Inspection

Posted on: 1 September 2016
Most people know that home buyers order a property inspection after an offer is accepted on a house they want to purchase, but many people don't realize that it is a good idea for a seller to get an inspection before listing a house for sale.  A home inspection can be a valuable tool for the seller, and  it can help make the selling process go smoother. Some of the many reasons a seller should order a home inspection include:
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Quiet Time: Dealing With Noise In A New Home

Posted on: 25 August 2016
There's no doubt that buying a new house — one that's completely new and that has never been lived in — can be a special experience. Here's a house that you get to modify as you see fit. However, new houses can also have a noise problem because of both their design and their components. Knowing how to make the house quieter can make your time in the house a lot more peaceful.
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These Tactics Will Make You A Good Landlord Of Your Rental Property

Posted on: 17 August 2016
If you have enough money for a down payment, buying a second home and using it as a rental property can be an effective way to make money. The tenant will essentially be paying the mortgage through his or her rent, which also might be putting a bit of money in your pocket each month. But renting a house is a big responsibility, and it's important that you take an ethical approach to doing so.
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