Pros And Cons Of Selling Mineral Rights

Posted on: 11 October 2016
If you're a homeowner or landowner in certain areas of the US (for example, somewhere near where oil and gas companies have been pumping these substances out of the ground in enormous quantities), you may find that you own something called "mineral rights" that you could sell for a good deal of cash. Of course, how much your mineral rights are worth depends on the market, your location, and many other things, but if someone makes you an offer, how will you decide whether to take it?
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Home Buying Tips For Seniors

Posted on: 30 September 2016
Shopping for a home after the kids move out and in anticipation of your retirement requires a bit of planning. Chances are you will want to downsize into a smaller home that is easier to take care of. It's also important to consider how the house can continue to serve you as you continue to age and become less mobile. The following tips can help you pick the perfect home for this stage of life.
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Where To Buy A Condo In NYC If You Want A Water View But Find Manhattan Too Pricey

Posted on: 27 September 2016
If you've been looking for a condo in Manhattan and have found that it's just too expensive, then look to the other boroughs. You can find really nice neighborhoods that have beautiful water views, and also have an easy commute into Manhattan. Below is a selection of two neighborhoods. There is a choice from The Bronx, and one in Staten Island. Riverdale Riverdale is in the northwest section of The Bronx.
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Buying Your Dream Home: 3 Tips To Make Your Offer More Attractive Than Competitive Offers

Posted on: 20 September 2016
Did you know that 65.2% of American families owned their primary residence in 2013? If you're ready to become a homeowner yourself, it's important to start searching the market for your dream home. When you finally find the perfect place you'd like to call home, it's crucial that you act quickly, as there's a good chance that there are many like-minded buyers eyeing the same property as you. To ensure that your offer stands out amongst the competition, consider these 3 tips.
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