Four Reasons Why You Should Never Use Poison Bait Traps For Mouse Control

Posted on: 16 October 2017

If you have spotted a mouse in your house, you need to call pest control services. Too many homeowners decide buying poison bait traps is a good idea. What you may not realize is just how unsafe and unpleasant these poison bait traps are. Here are four reasons why you should never resort to this kind of mouse control and should call the experts instead.

The Bait Pellets Can Kill Small Children and Pets

The bait pellets in these traps are lethal, period. Yes, it does address your mouse problem, but if you put the traps in places where your pets or children can reach them, the traps can and will kill your pets and children, too. It only takes a couple of pellets to kill small, exotic animals and birds, and a few more pellets to kill a cat. A handful of pellets will kill a dog or a small child. This is just not something you want to worry about.

The Pellets Cause the Mice to Literally Explode

The assumption is that poison bait traps will entice mice to consume the pellets, and then the mice just fall over dead. This would be nice, but unfortunately, that is not what happens. The mice eat their fill of the poisoned bait, and when they are feeling ill, they crawl into a wall or other comforting space, and their stomachs literally explode.

Exploding Mice Is Not the End of Your Rodent Problem

While you may be thinking exploding mice is rather disgusting, but at least it is in the wall, it does not mean that is the end of your troubles. In fact, the exploded mouse will rot and create such a foul smell that you will be desperate to eradicate the stink. This usually incurs some major expenses in rooting out the animal's remains, and knocking out the wall, until it can be cleaned and aired. Then the wall has to be renovated and restored. (At that rate, you may as well hire a pest control expert to cleanly and safely remove the mouse without the use of poison.)

It Is Inhumane

Why should you care if a mouse is treated humanely? Well, that is up to you, certainly, but professional rodent control eliminates the unwanted rodents quickly and as painlessly as possible for the mice and rats. At the very least, no mouse corpse is left behind for scavenger pests, which would be your next big problem.

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