Why Manufactured Homes Might Be Worth Looking Into As A First-Time Home Buyer

Posted on: 1 December 2021

Are you looking to buy your first home but are balking at the high price of the real estate market in your local area? There might be a better way that will allow you to become a homeowner while still keeping a good amount of savings in the bank. Today, more and more first-time homebuyers are looking into the benefits of manufactured homes. Here's why this type of real estate might be the right choice for you or your family.

Buying a Plot of Land and Manufactured or Mobile Home May Save You a Lot of Money

First-time home buyers typically have to worry about things like getting approved for their first mortgage or whether they have enough for the down payment. But when you go with a manufactured or mobile home instead, the cost is often much lower. You may still have to buy or rent a plot of land, but even with that added in, you will typically save thousands when compared with trying to buy a traditional single-family home in the same general area. A manufactured or mobile home can be a good starter house that gives you your own place while allowing you to continue saving up for a bigger purchase in the future.

You Have the Option of Being Mobile

Are you the type that can see yourself living in multiple cities or states in the coming years? If you are the restless type, or maybe you just like to travel, ordering a manufactured home and then having it delivered to your rented plot of land is a great idea. You can live there for a few years, and when you are ready to move to another part of the country, you can pay someone to move your entire house again onto your new plot of land. The cost of doing this will likely be less than buying a traditional house of the same size in either city, and it can let you have a bit of stability while still being a traveling nomad at the same time.

Manufactured Homes Can Provide Quality Control and Peace of Mind

Most mobile or manufactured homes are built at indoor facilities and must hit certain safety and stability benchmarks. You can have peace of mind from knowing that your home was put together by a team of professionals who are likely focused on making each and every manufactured home they build as stable and safe as possible. You will, to some degree, know exactly what you are getting for your money, and you won't have to worry about something popping up during an inspection when trying to purchase an already-built, traditional, single-family home or even worse, having a problem pop up out of nowhere down the line. With many manufactured homes, what you see is what you get.

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