Why You Need To Find A Home Selling Agent Even During A Seller's Market Like The COVID Pandemic

Posted on: 27 September 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, the housing market has continued to see a sharp increase in home valuations. It's a seller's market right now, and that might have you feeling pretty good if you are about to test your luck with your own house. But even if you expect a ton of immediate offers within days of listing your house, it's still likely a good idea to hire some professional help. Here's why you would still want to hire the best home selling agent you can find, even during a seller's market.

Receiving Multiple Offers is Exciting But Can Also Be Stressful

If you own a prime piece of real estate and you know you are a lock to get a lot of good offers in today's market, you probably can't wait to start reviewing them. But many sellers today in the hottest markets are getting not just one or two but sometimes more than a dozen quick offers. That's sure nice, but it can also be overwhelming to try and figure out which offer is coming from the strongest vantage point and which offers the lowest amount of risk to you as the seller to move forward with. Your real estate agent can help you sort things out.

A Real Estate Agent With Experience Knows What Your House is Worth and Will Make Sure You Wait for the Right Offer

Some sellers in this market are getting offers higher than they ever dreamed of, and you might be tempted to jump at the first big offer you get. But your real estate agent has helped countless other sellers during the pandemic and knows just how high it can really go. They can help you remain calm and wait for the perfect offer at the right price.

All Cash Offers Are Out There and You Might Need a Pro to Help You Move Fast

Because the housing market is so competitive for buyers, some are trying to instantly knock out the competition by making an all-cash offer. No mortgage loan, no Fannie Mae paperwork, no hassles. Just straight-up cash for the keys to your house. If someone offers you this, you can expect to close on the deal sooner rather than later. But you should also make sure you are prepared for this scenario and have all of your ducks in a row to make sure the offer goes through without an issue for either party. Your seasoned house selling agent will walk you through this process every step of the way.

The COVID pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty at first, but recent months have seen the housing market in many cities take off and it does appear like it will remain a seller's market for the immediate future. Make sure you have the right agent on your side to capitalize on this situation.