Tips To Help You In Your Waterfront Home Search And Purchase

Posted on: 26 May 2021

When you are in the market for a home, especially one built on the water, there are many variables that you will need to consider to help you select the right property. A waterfront property purchase includes the home, yard, and the body of water – whether it is a lake, the ocean, or a river – and may require you to look at some items you may not consider. Here are some tips to help you find and purchase the right waterfront home.

Look at the Home's Weather-Resistance

When you are purchasing a home that is located on the water, be sure it is built to last well under the conditions on the beach. Weather on a beach can include heavy and hard winds, harsh storms, ice flows – if it is a freshwater lake – and sea salt spray if it is on an oceanfront location. The wind and spray from the ocean waves will send salt on the breeze that can corrode metal that is built onto your home or part of the construction. For example, if the nails, siding, or fence contains any metal, make sure it is made of stainless steel so it is protected. 

Also be sure the home is built to be protected against any hurricane winds, tropical storms, or other water-related conditions. And if the property is at risk of flooding during heavy rains or winds, be sure the home is built at a higher elevation, or with a taller foundation to protect it from incoming flood waters. Find out what type of insurance your insurance agent recommends for the property location and they can provide some great recommendations to protect your investment.

Check Into the Water Usage

The type of property and its construction is important, but you also need to look at and evaluate the property's shoreline and your access to the water. If the home is located on a beach, will you have access to your own private beach or is it shared as a public-access beach? Then, look at if you have your own private dock or boathouse that you can use with your boat, or if there is a maximum height for your boat.

The type of dock that is already built out on the water may be a concern to you, so make sure you will be able to construct the right type of dock or boathouse. For example, if you want to add onto the dock, build another dock structure, or tear down an existing dock and rebuild, will you be able to do so with the right permits and permission? Your real estate agent can help you out in this evaluation to make sure to do all the necessary due diligence before you make a purchase.

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