Advantages Of Commercial Drone Videography For Your Property

Posted on: 22 April 2021

Commercial drone videography is a service that can help you market and sell your commercial real estate property effectively. In fact, drone footage can give you a higher chance of selling quickly once you put your property on the market. But you may be wondering what the specific advantages are that help add up to this increased chance of selling quickly.

Here are some of the advantages you can reap when you have a drone capture video footage of your property to add to a real estate listing.

1. Lets buyers get a feel for the layout of the facility

If you have a large commercial property with a variety of buildings on it, potential buyers may have a hard time envisioning the entire layout in their mind's eye. Commercial drone footage gives a bird's eye view which lets buyers see easily how each building relates to the others and other facets of the facility's layout.

2. Gives a comprehensive view from different angles and perspectives

Buyers love to see lots of angles and perspectives before they decide if they're interested. Video footage is ideal for this because the moving drone catches many different angles of the property.

It can also help give a sense of perspective so buyers can visualize how big things are and how far apart they are. For instance, a photo from the front of a property may show a tree and a building but may not show whether the tree is hazardously close to the building or not. Aerial photos or footage can help buyers see this distance.

3. Shows off the property's surroundings

A drone takes footage from very high up, which allows the camera to catch a very wide view. The footage can not only display the property that you're selling but also any desirable features surrounding it as well. For instance, if the property is near the beach or near a national forest, the drone can help show just how close these features are.

4. Helps buyers feel like they're really there

Buyers want to feel like they've seen the entire property, ideally from the comfort of their own homes. If you can show them that everything about the property is exactly what they're looking for, you can help buyers feel confident enough about their interest to come to view the property in person.

As you can see, there are a variety of different reasons why drone video footage helps to give your commercial real estate listing an advantage. To compete with the other properties on the market and ensure a quick sale, consider contacting a commercial drone videography service today.