One-Bedroom Apartment Vs. Studio: What Is The Difference?

Posted on: 29 January 2021

If you are ready to move to an apartment and are unsure about what size to get, you might want to compare a one-bedroom apartment versus a studio. These two options are the most common choices for people who live alone, but they have several differences. If you are wondering about these differences, continue reading to learn about the four primary differences between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio.

1. The Size and Layout

In general, you will find that one-bedroom apartments offer more space than studio units in terms of square footage. The layout of each type of apartment is also different. Studio apartments have a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. You will not find a bedroom in the unit. People who rent these units sleep in the living room. The living room serves as a multi-function room. As the name implies, a one-bedroom apartment has a bedroom. Therefore, on top of the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, a one-bedroom unit also provides a separate room for sleeping.

2. The Number of People Who Can Live There

Based on the differences in size and layout, the number of people who can live in each type is different. A studio unit works well for a person who lives alone. Some couples might fit in one, too. When you have a bedroom in your apartment, you can fit more people in it. You can fit one or two in the bedroom and another person in the living room.

3. The Price

One of the significant differences you will see is the price. Apartment rental costs vary, and here are some factors that affect the rates of units:

  • Size
  • Condition
  • Location

Bigger apartments cost more to rent, but they also provide more space.

4. The Uses

The final difference to consider is the uses for each type of apartment. If you have a one-bedroom unit, you could have a roommate. If you want to work from home while living with a roommate, you might need the extra bedroom for privacy. If you expect to have overnight guests, having a bedroom is also helpful for the extra space it provides.

While you might find other differences if you view both types, you might decide that a one-bedroom apartment is the right choice for you. If you would like to view apartments for rent in your city, talk to a local property management firm.