Pay Attention To These Factors And Features When Buying Homes With Acreage

Posted on: 8 December 2020

Many people want a home with acreage so that can start a small hobby farm, have a place to ride their 4-wheelers, or just have more space to relax. However, shopping for a home with acreage can be a little more complex than shopping for a home on a quarter or half an acre. Here are some factors and features to include in your search.

Does the land drain well, and is any of it certified as wetlands?

When you buy a large piece of property, you want to make sure enough of it is actually usable for your purposes. Land that does not drain well is not very useful. Nobody wants to plant a garden in a swamp! If the land is simply wet, you can look into drainage measures like having a pond dug or installing drainage tile, but if the land is registered as wetlands, restrictions often prevent you from taking these measures. Try visiting the property after a rainstorm so you can see it at its wettest and make sure there are no concerns before you buy. 

How far away are the nearest grocery stores and other amenities?

One downfall of buying a bigger piece of property is that larger pieces of land are often located way out in the country, away from basic amenities. Check how far away the nearest grocery store, gas station, hardware store, and other basics are. There's no right or wrong answer here — just make sure you're willing to drive the distance, whatever that distance may be.

Are the property lines clear?

Sometimes, out in the country, where homes tend to come with more acreage, property lines can get blurred. Neighbors may slowly start using each other's land without even realizing it. Make sure you know exactly where the property starts and ends before you buy it. If this is unclear, you may need to pay to have the land re-surveyed.

Will any neighbors have problems with how you use the land?

How do you plan on using your large piece of land? If you want to use it to keep animals, plant crops, or do anything that might attract a large crowd, it's worth checking with the neighbors to see how they feel about your plans. Rural areas tend to have fewer property use restrictions, so you will probably be legally permitted to do what you want on the land. But an unhappy neighbor can make life hard!

As you shop for the perfect home with acreage, keep the factors above in mind. It's not just about finding the right home; it's also about finding the right land.