Services A Listing Agent Provides Before You List Your Home

Posted on: 19 November 2020

Real estate agents assist with home sales and purchases. If you are a homeowner that wants to sell, you can hire an agent for help. The agent you hire for this service is a listing agent, and before you hire them, they will do several things. Here are three essential services a listing agent provides before you sign the listing agreement.

Comparative Market Analysis

When a homeowner contacts a listing agent about selling their home, the agent will begin working on a comparative market analysis (CMA). The agent completes this analysis before meeting with the homeowner and explains it to them at their visit. A CMA is a report that tells the homeowner how much their house is worth. The agent creates the report by viewing recently sold properties in the same area to see their selling prices. From there, the agent compares the homes to yours to determine how much your home is worth. You can use this report to set your home's asking price if you decide to go through with the listing.

Walk-Through with Tips and Ideas

The next service your listing agent provides is a walk-through of your home. The purpose of this is to provide tips and ideas to help you prepare your home for sale. The agent might have many tips to offer or only a few. It depends on your home's condition. If you receive advice about preparing your home, you may want to follow the advice. When you take the right steps, you can create a more appealing environment in your house. As a result, you might find a buyer a lot faster.

Market Consultation

The other service the listing agent might offer is a market consultation. The purpose of this is to help you understand the conditions of the real estate market right now. Are homes selling quickly at this time? Are home prices high or low? A market consultation helps you know the type of market you are working with right now, and this will help you understand the pros and cons of listing right now.

After meeting with a real estate agent and learning about the real estate services they offer, you can decide if you want to list your home. If you decide to, the agent will work on creating the contract for you. Once listed, people might start requesting to see your home. To get started with the process, contact a listing agent today.