Buying A Brand New Home? Why You Should Insist On A New-Construction Real Estate Inspection

Posted on: 9 October 2017

If you're in the process of buying a brand new home, you might not think you need a pre-purchase inspection. After all, everything is new, and the home has just been built. While it's true that brand new construction is new, it doesn't mean that the home is free from defects. In fact, many people who purchase brand new homes find problems once they move in. Here are four reasons you need to have your new home inspected before you take possession of the keys:

Identify Defects in the Craftsmanship

You may not realize this, but corners can be cut during the construction process. If you don't have a pre-purchase inspection conducted, you might not find those defects in craftsmanship right away. Unfortunately, if it takes too long for you to identify them, the original warranty may have expired. If that happens, you could find yourself responsible for the repair of those defects. Insisting on a real estate inspection prior to finalizing the papers for the purchase of your home will ensure that those defects are identified while the warranty is still intact.

City Inspections Aren't the Same Thing

During the construction of your home, it was inspected by city building inspectors. You might think that problems will be identified during those inspections, so you won't need your own. Unfortunately, that's not actually true. While building inspectors do inspect your home during the construction process and sign off on it once the construction is complete, they're looking for building code violations. They're not looking for defects in craftsmanship, or issues such as ducts that aren't properly connected to the air conditioner, or light fixtures that don't work. You'll need your own real estate inspector to identify those issues.

Gets the Repairs Done Before You Move In

When you move into your new home, you will be able to identify issues that will require repairs. However, once you're moved into your home, you'll need to be present during the repairs. That means you could be dealing with repair technicians while you're trying to unpack. By having a pre-purchase inspection on your home, the contractors will be able to take care of any necessary repairs before you move in.

Protects Your Ability to Sell Later

If you're planning on selling your home in the future, you owe it to yourself to have the pre-purchase inspection performed. There are some defects that could undermine your ability to sell your home later, such as faulty roof trusses, or improperly installed roofs. By having your new home inspected before you move in, you'll be able to find those defects that could make it difficult for you to sell it later.

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