Tips For Purging And Decluttering Before Selling Your Home

Posted on: 23 January 2017

If you are planning to list your home for sale this spring, then now is the time you should start working on decluttering and purging your belongings so you will have less stuff to move. By taking the time to go through all of your belongings well before you have to pack and move, you can easily shrink the volume of things you need to lug to your new home. Moving fewer items will make your moving day a lot faster, easier, and cheaper.

Here are some tips to help you with the purging and decluttering process before your spring move:

Tip: Donate Anything Still in a Box from Your Last Move

If you are struggling with where to start the process of deciding what you want to keep and move, start with any boxes you have from your last move. If you haven't even opened the boxes since you moved into your current home, then there is nothing in the boxes that you really need or probably want. Donate any unopened boxes from your last move to your local thrift store.

Tip: Sell Larger Items that Are Bulky to Move

As you can imagine, you pay more to move larger bulky items than you do to move smaller things. In the months leading up to your move, examine each piece of your furniture and other large bulky items around your home and yard and determine if you want to make the effort to pay the higher cost to move them. For example, your sectional couch might be too big for your new house and your kids may have a trampoline in the backyard that they never use. Both types of items can be sold and the money used to replace them after your move or to help pay for your move itself. 

Tip: Ask a Friend to Help You Purge and Declutter

Finally, since it is hard for everyone to go through their belongings and get rid of things, having a close friend or relative help you with the process will give you much better results. By having a second set of eyes to help you go through all of your stuff, they can give you realistic feedback about items you should consider getting rid of. Since it is hard to be objective about your belongings because you are emotionally attached to them, getting the opinion of someone without the same attachment can bring a lot of clarity.