Ideas To Get Started Building With Timber For Homes, Barns, And More

Posted on: 19 January 2017

Timber construction methods are a popular design of new homes. If you want to have a unique looking new home, exposed beams and lumber will give your home a rustic look. Building with timber is different than other conventional methods, but it often costs more than more traditional methods. Here are some to give different types of structures the look of timber framing and keep costs low.

1. Using False Timber Accents and A Conventional Structure

False timbers are a popular way to add a timber framed look to a structure. These are a type of trim material that can be made of real timber framing. False beams are nailed to the ceiling to create an authentic timber frame look. Today, these products are made of synthetic materials, as well as real wood. Synthetic materials are going to cost less, and the real wood will give you more options for finish and design but cost a little more.

2. Engineered Solutions for Better Designs with Larger Timber Spans

Engineered lumber products have made it possible to create wood structures with larger spans in the design. There are even engineered beams that can be used in timber frame designs. A glue-laminated beam is a structural member that consists of layers of boards glued together with special glue in a form. These beams can make it possible for larger spans and an exposed timber look in modern homes. If you are building a new home, you may want to consider using engineered beams for some of the design purposes to give your home larger, open spaces.

3. Leaving Timbers Exposed When Doing Interior Finishes and Design

There are many ways to add a timber style look to your home. One way is to use timbers for different features, such as a beam over an opening or posts for structural supports. When you finish your home, leave these features exposed. During the construction or remodeling, cover any timbers after they are installed to protect them from damage. Posts are the most vulnerable, so you should wrap them with something like packing blankets. This will prevent the timbers from getting banged and bruised while other work is being done.

Timber framed buildings have a unique look and style. The timber structures are also more durable than conventional balloon-frames. Contact a real estate agent and talk with them about some of these features you want to have for a timber style look in your new home