3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A New Home Construction

Posted on: 8 December 2016

Newly constructed homes set in quiet, well landscaped communities attract buyers from all over because of their modern charms. With their contemporary and open floor plans, generous storage areas located throughout, and brand new appliances, hardware, and bathroom fixtures, new home constructions stand out among the different types of homes for sale. You can buy a new home construction and move in just as soon as you get a closing date, but before you make a decision, there are three important things to know about new home constructions.

1. Understand The Bylaws of Homeowners Associations Living in a gated community generally means that there will be bylaws, kind of like you would find in an apartment building or condominium, but a lot more relaxed. You'll need to acknowledge and follow the rules of your homeowners association, which can be a bit of a new concept to some first time home buyers. In all actuality, the most well-maintained gated communities tend to be the ones that have clear rules and policies that residents and visitors follow, request, and even vote to have enacted.

What you can expect is to find really friendly neighbors that will help you to feel welcomed, while showing you how things work in your new neighborhood. Homeowners associations impose rules, but they also protect both homeowners and their properties. Buying a new home for sale in a gated community almost guarantees that you will be moving to a safe and secure neighborhood.

2. Know That The Selling Price Is Negotiable Within a new home construction community, there's going to be the office and model home that interested buyers can take tours of, homes for sale, occupied homes, and plenty of empty lots. When you ask the price of a new home construction available on the market, know that you should always try to negotiate.

You'll hear a lot about the new appliances and contemporary designs that you are getting for a steal, but also consider the fact that the construction company is getting discounts as well. Try getting your own appraiser and work with a realtor that represents you so you can get a great buy.

3. Get Everything Fixed Under Warranty Can you imagine a house that comes with a warranty? That's what home buyers get when they purchase new homes for sale. New home construction warranties generally protect homeowners for around one to five years. When your new home construction is still under warranty, it is highly suggested that you have experienced professionals such as master electricians and inspectors give your home the final seal of approval.