Reasons To Consider Removing Your Family Photos Prior To A House Viewing

Posted on: 10 November 2016

When your house is for sale and your real estate agent calls to give you a time that an interested buyer wishes to view the residence, you'll likely spend time cleaning and preparing the home to be seen. During this process, you may wish to think about removing any family photos from display. If they're on the wall, you can replace them with generic art; if they're in a frame on a dresser, you can simply store them in the dresser. Many people remove their family photos prior to their homes being seen. Here are some reasons to consider doing so, too.

It Might Make It Easier For Buyers To "See Themselves" In Your Home

One of the concerns of having family photos on display during a house viewing is that they firmly show that the house belongs to you. As such, some prospective buyers may have trouble picturing themselves living in the home — after all, the walls and pieces of furniture are covered with photos of another family. When you remove the photos, those who attend the viewings may have an easier time imagining themselves in the home, which could help it to sell more quickly.

Family Photos Can Be Distracting

Even those who aren't outwardly nosy will often be tempted to check out the family photos on display in your home. Whether you have photos from a picturesque vacation or that feature a cute child, many people who attend house viewings will be drawn to these images. The concern here is that the photos can be distracting; when someone is looking at pictures of your family, he or she isn't taking in the main features of the room. This can be a concern because the person may not get a true sense of your home during the viewing.

No Photos Results In A Higher Degree Of Privacy

Some people wish to keep family photos private; on social media, for example, some users do not upload photos of their children. If privacy is important to you, the best strategy is to remove your family photos before the house viewing takes place. You don't know who will be walking through your home, but with the photos out of sight, you'll feel a higher degree of privacy. Having strangers view your photos might not be a concern to everyone, but many people feel better about taking this precaution when they've listed their home for sale.