Consider The Benefits Of Buying A Home Before It Is Built

Posted on: 10 November 2016

When you're in the market for a new house, you may lean toward purchasing a residence that already exists. After all, there's something comforting about being able to physically walk through the location to ensure that it suits your needs. It's useful, however, to broaden your scope to also consider buying a home before it has been built. While you might initially be concerned about doing so, given the lack of being able to walk through the home, there are a number of major benefits of purchasing this type of home. Here are some of these factors for you to keep in mind.

You Can Specify Certain Features

A key advantage to buying a home before it's built is that you can specify different features. When you meet with the builder, you'll be able to go over a variety of options for your flooring, paint colors, kitchen counter material, and more. This is ideal because when you move in, you'll be in a home that meets your exact specifications. Many people prefer this scenario over moving into an existing home and then spending time and money renovating it.

You'll Have Fewer Headaches

Not having to renovate the home is just one type of headache that you'll avoid. When you buy new homes, you typically don't have to worry about problems such as drafts around the windows and doors; newer homes are built to careful specifics, meaning that you should get a high-quality home that doesn't require the same degree of maintenance as an old home. In an old home, you might have to constantly run a dehumidifier to deal with a damp basement; in a new home, the basement should be dry and cozy. In addition to requiring less maintenance, many builders provide comprehensive warranties on their new homes, which can ease your peace of mind.

The New Home Should Be Cheaper To Run

Buying a new home should ideally save you money in the costs of running the residence. New homes are equipped with high-efficiency appliances and heating/cooling units. Conversely, an older home might have an old furnace or old electric baseboards that are costly to run and will leave you with high utilities bills each month. Additionally, many new homes are outfitted with LED and CFL bulbs, both of which draw less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and will thus reduce your electricity usage. Fresh insulation in the attic also means the home will lose less heat in the winter, thus preventing unnecessarily high heating bills.