Where To Buy A Condo In NYC If You Want A Water View But Find Manhattan Too Pricey

Posted on: 27 September 2016

If you've been looking for a condo in Manhattan and have found that it's just too expensive, then look to the other boroughs. You can find really nice neighborhoods that have beautiful water views, and also have an easy commute into Manhattan. Below is a selection of two neighborhoods. There is a choice from The Bronx, and one in Staten Island.


Riverdale is in the northwest section of The Bronx. It overlooks the Hudson River. There are large condo developments located on Riverdale Ave. They rise high up into the air and overlook the river. You can also find large high rise developments located on Independence Ave. These two streets are not right near the water, but the developments located there are quite large, so if you choose a high floor, you'll have a spectacular view of the river. If you want to live right on the edge of Riverdale, overlooking the water, then check out Palisades Ave. This runs the length of Riverdale and is right on the edge. There are smaller condo developments on this stretch that have an unbelievable, unobstructed view of the water.

The area is very quiet, and has lots of parks and restaurants. It's much quieter than what you expect in the city. It's also super easy to get into Manhattan. You can drive in by getting on the Henry Hudson, which runs through Riverdale, or you can take an express bus or even the Metro North train.

St. George

St. George is located at the northern tip of Staten Island. There are beautiful condo developments located up and down Bay Street, the main road that runs through St. George. The area has a postcard-worthy view. It looks out at the upper bay, and you can see southern Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the ferries and ships passing through the water on their way in and out of Manhattan Bay.

You can walk right to the Staten Island Ferry, which has a terminal in St. George. It's free to take and it brings you right into southern Manhattan and from there you can walk right to work (if you work in Wall St.) or you can get the subway right outside the ferry terminal. If you prefer to drive, you can drive into Manhattan by going over the Verrazano–Narrows Bridge which takes you through Brooklyn, and then you drive from Brooklyn into Manhattan. There is no bridge directly from Staten Island into Manhattan.

St. George is a very walkable area, with lots of shopping in the neighborhood. However, it's so easy to get into Manhattan that most people take the ferry in to shop and go to dinner.

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