Buying Your Dream Home: 3 Tips To Make Your Offer More Attractive Than Competitive Offers

Posted on: 20 September 2016

Did you know that 65.2% of American families owned their primary residence in 2013? If you're ready to become a homeowner yourself, it's important to start searching the market for your dream home. When you finally find the perfect place you'd like to call home, it's crucial that you act quickly, as there's a good chance that there are many like-minded buyers eyeing the same property as you. To ensure that your offer stands out amongst the competition, consider these 3 tips.

Get Your Finances in Order

Put yourself in the seller's shoes. The main thing that most sellers are concerned with is whether the financial aspect of the sale will be processed smoothly. You want to assure the seller that they can rely on you. If you have cash, make it known on the offer that you'll be able to pay the full amount in cash whenever the seller is ready. If not, it's crucial that you include a pre-approval letter for a mortgage.

Cater to the Seller

The sellers may not be ready to hand over the keys to the house until a certain date or may have other plans in mind. If you're keen on getting a specific house, you might want to see whether there are any terms or conditions that you are willing to cater to. The seller may have other contingencies that they would like in the contract. Discuss the terms with a real estate agent to determine whether any of the terms are feasible and doable on your part.

Write a Letter or Speak to the Seller

Most sellers do genuinely love their place and would like to know that it's going to be in good hands with the next family. Appeal to the seller's emotional side by writing them a letter detailing how you'd look forward to moving into the house and how your family is going to settle in. You might want to include information like what your children are looking forward to about the house. To seal the deal, include a photograph of your family. Convince the seller of how important the house is to your family, and they might choose your offer over others.


Don't let your dream home slip out of your hands. Be proactive and take action immediately. Discuss what you should do with a realtor at a real estate company such as Cudd Realty, and see whether there is anything you can do to make your offer more attractive.