How Condo Associations Can Help Keep The Peace With Childless And Child-Filled Condos

Posted on: 13 September 2016

In a condominium building, the neighborhood is just a little bit closer than your average single family neighborhood. This means that neighbors will run into one another often and neighbors may also be more easily able to hear one another through the walls. If neighbors with children and those without children are not getting along or if there are a number of complaints about one another, this would be a good time for the condo association to step in to keep the peace. Keeping the peace and creating rules can increase enjoyment and increase the overall value of living in the building. Here are some rules and regulations that will make a building mixed with families, singles, and childless couples run smoothly together. 

Limits to childcare in the building

One of the reasons why buildings may get loud is because there are more children in the building or unit than actually live there. To combat this issue, the condo association management can limit the amount of child care homes in the unit. This means that there will only be a certain amount of condos that will be able to run in-home daycare services. If this type of service is limited in the building, this makes for less noise for the surrounding neighbors.

Strict quiet hours

One of the ways to be respectful to everyone is to institute a strict code of quiet hours. During quiet hours all music levels must be lowered and no major gatherings that make too much noise can take place on the premises. This will stop anyone from being too loud, especially those without children who may disrupt family sleeping hours. Since quiet hours must be taken into account by each person, this will give everyone in the building plenty of peace at night. 

Place child activities on a single level 

If the condo association operates facilities that are available for children and families to use, such as child play rooms, homework rooms, and playgrounds, these should be placed on one level. This will make it easier for families to watch their children if they are in different spaces within the same floor. It also means that singles or people without kids can participate and use amenities on other floors in the buildings without running into noise. The child facilities and the adults only facilities being on different levels in the condo will make sure to limit noise that could offend or cause either group to not enjoy the facilities. 

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