3 Reasons Sellers Should Get A Home Inspection

Posted on: 1 September 2016

Most people know that home buyers order a property inspection after an offer is accepted on a house they want to purchase, but many people don't realize that it is a good idea for a seller to get an inspection before listing a house for sale.  A home inspection can be a valuable tool for the seller, and  it can help make the selling process go smoother. Some of the many reasons a seller should order a home inspection include:

Save Money in the Long Run

No matter how well you maintain your house, there is a chance that it has some problems that you may not even be aware of. After a home inspection is done, you will receive a comprehensive report listing any issues that your home may have. You can then either make the repairs needed, or list your price appropriately and let buyers know what types of repairs will need to be made in the future.

Knowing about any issues that your home may have will help you avoid surprises during the inspection period and having a buyer ask you to reduce your selling price or make costly repairs that you were not prepared for before the close of escrow.

Inspire Confidence in Potential Buyers

Purchasing a home is a big investment for any buyer, and they often spend a lot of time looking at different houses before putting in an offer. If you have a home inspection done prior to listing, ask your real estate agent to make the document available to potential buyers. If there are no major issues, a buyer may feel more confident about submitting an offer. If some problems were discovered but you made repairs, make sure to include copies of the receipts so buyers know that the repairs were done.

Show What Your Home Has to Offer

A full home inspection report will often mention any upgrades that your home has, such as upgraded electrical wiring, a new HVAC unit, or upgraded appliances. Providing buyers with the report will give potential buyers the opportunity to learn more about what your home has to offer. Since some of the upgrades mentioned in a home inspection report are not easily seen or noticed during a viewing , offering the report to buyers is a good way to make sure that they realize some of the important features of your home that they might not have even known that they wanted to have.