Do You Want to Buy a Home With Project Potential? 3 Things You Can Change on Your Own

Posted on: 7 July 2016

Buying a home for sale is one of the most important decisions in anyone's life, so it is important to have patience. Some people want a home that is ready to move in and does not need any work for a long time. Others are more interested in the properties that are not perfect and need to have things changed or replaced. While you might like the idea of taking on any challenge in a home, it is best to be realistic. Prioritizing certain features will help you become a homeowner and start working on feasible projects right away.


Kitchen countertops can have a major impact on how your kitchen feels as a whole. Removing granite or quartz is not an easy process because you have to go through the process of cutting the material. But, you should have an easier time with butcher block or laminate because the bulk of the process is prepping. After removing the old countertop, you only have to worry about installing the new one. This is a moderately complex project that should take you about a full day of work from start to finish.


It depends on what kind of floors are in the home, but it is typically fine for a do-it-yourself project. Paying for floor removal may be something you want to consider for hardwood, tile, or concrete. But, you should be able to get rid of carpet on your own by getting your hands on some tools and working a few hours. Installing something like prefinished wood flooring is not that tough, it just takes patience. It all depends on the size of the home, but you should have no problem getting it done in a single weekend.

Entry Doors

One of the most influential parts of curb appeal is the entry door. If yours does not mesh with your style, you can switch it out for a new one and you can prioritize energy efficiency for long-term savings. The main benefit is that you can choose an entry door that is a better reflection of you. Even when you are willing to spend well over several hundred dollars for a decorative front door, you can install it on your own. A single day project is worth being able to make such a drastic change and cut costs as a whole.

Considering these features will help you buy a home that is full of fun projects for you to tackle.