Renting An Apartment For The First Time? Three Things To Do

Posted on: 9 June 2016

If you've finally saved up the money to move out of your parents' home and into your own apartment, you might be excited about getting your own place. In your enthusiasm, you might be eager to move into the first apartment you look at. But before signing any lease, it's a smart idea to do these things first.

Measure Your Furniture

You may not have much extra money to buy new furniture for your apartment, so you might have to bring along the current bed, drawers and other furniture you currently use. It is wise to think about how this furniture will fit into a new place, which is why it's smart to measure any large pieces to get an idea of how they'll affect available space in any apartment you look at. For instance, you might think that a small bedroom is acceptable, until you measure the space and realize that there would be no walking space after you put your bed and side table in there. Look for places that can accommodate your furniture.

Ask About Painting

Because you'll be living in a particular apartment, you might assume that it's fine if you paint the walls. However, this might be specifically prohibited; not only that, but you might have to forfeit some of your security deposit if the landlord discovers that you have painted inside the apartment.

Be certain to ask about this and other efforts to make the space your own. If the landlord seems fine with your suggestions, ensure that you get that in writing.

Check Out the Safety of the Neighborhood

If you don't know much about the area where a specific apartment is located but you really like the place, you might sign a lease and think you'll explore the neighborhood after you move in. However, in order to be happy after you move, you'll need to know that you'll be safe.

To find out a little bit about the area, there are two places to check out. The first is the police station. An officer can spend a few moments with you to describe the safety of the neighborhood and street that you could be moving into. The second place is the library. They should have copies of the local paper and you can peruse it to look for stories about crimes in the area.

Doing the actions above will help ensure that you're choosing the best apartment for you. Ask a real estate agent from a company like Kimball Real Estate to assist you with your search so that you can be happy in your first apartment.