What Flooring Works Best For Children And Pets

Posted on: 31 March 2016

As a homeowner, you may already have some experience with the frustrating process of choosing the right flooring. If you have children and pets, the process becomes even more complicated. If you are preparing for a remodel or a sale, you can choose flooring materials that even the most rambunctious members of your family will have problems damaging.


Bamboo flooring offers you a number of advantages. First, it is an environmentally sound choice because bamboo grows so quickly. Although it is technically a grass, bamboo provides an extremely hard surface that is almost impossible to scratch, even by your passel of scratching and clawing pets. Even your kids will have trouble putting a dent into your bamboo floor with their riding toys and building blocks. They will also be hard pressed to stain it as well, even with juice, grease, and mud. Your pets' accidents will also clean up easily.


Concrete flooring may sound a little severe, but it can actually be attractive as well as nearly indestructible. Concrete flooring can be tinted and stamped to make it as attractive as it is practical. If you're are worried that the floor will be too hard, you can add throw rugs, particularly around the bed and other areas where children might take a tumble. For teenagers, the advantages of a concrete floor are clear. They can abuse it in almost any way and still not significantly damage it.

Vinyl Tile

If you want something softer but still durable, a vinyl tile may be your best choice. It holds up well to heavy foot and paw traffic and is easy to clean. It is also more comfortable for children to play on since it is warmer than substances such as concrete would be. Your pets may enjoy it more in the winter as well.  Vinyl tile also resists stains and mold, preventing some respiratory problems among your family members.  Although it is not indestructible, you can expect your vinyl to last for years and cause you little trouble.

If you've had some flooring disasters in the past, you can choose a more family-friendly substance this time around. This installation will be especially helpful if you are planning to sell your home in the next year or two. Kids and pets are by nature somewhat destructive, but you want them to be comfortable in their own home while allowing you to present an attractive decor to visitors and potential buyers. You can find a modern and aesthetically pleasing flooring material that will help you keep your home in excellent shape.

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