Tips For Finding A Kid Friendly Neighborhood

Posted on: 30 March 2016

When house hunting with a family, you already know to look for good school districts and to stay away from busy streets. Yet, you may not be sure what else to look for to ensure you are moving into a kid and family friendly location. The following tips can help you choose the perfect neighborhood for your family to grow into.

Tip #1: Go Sit at the Local Parks

Show up early to each house showing in a new neighborhood and spend some time in one of the nearby neighborhood parks. If you are touring properties without the kids, bring a book to keep you busy. Pay attention to who uses the park and how they use it. Is it mainly parents with young kids, or are the local grade schoolers taking over the monkey bars after the school bell rings? Or, maybe the park has become a hang out for bored teens. Parks that are highly trafficked by playing kids and their families can indicate a healthy neighborhood dynamic for your kids.

Tip #2: Visit When School Gets Out

Find out from your realtor or the local school system when the release time is for the schools in your neighborhood. Then, visit the home or neighborhood you are considering at that time. Are kids walking home alone or in groups, or are most being driven or escorted by adults? It can be an indicator of a safe neighborhood if kids are allowed to walk home without supervision. It also indicates that many of the students that attend the local schools actually live in the neighborhood and are not bussed in, which can make it easier for your kids to make local friends.

Tip #3: Plan a Late Afternoon or Evening Home Tour

Generally, late afternoon or evening is when families are home. Visiting after the dinner hour can be especially telling, since this brief window between dinner and dark is traditionally when kids run outside to play for one last spurt before bed. If the neighborhood is relatively active with kids outside and people taking evening strolls, it is likely to be a generally kid and friendly place where it will be easy to get to know your neighbors.

Tip #4: Ask Your Realtor for Details

Your realtor likely knows a bit about the people in the homes surrounding the one you are considering. For example, who has kids and who doesn't. Choosing a block with plenty of kids in your children's age ranges will help your kids feel at home more quickly. Also, don't be shy. It's perfectly reasonable to knock on potential neighbor's doors and ask them how they feel about the area and how kid friendly it seems. Just explain that you are a family considering the nearby house for sale.

Contact a realtor, like those at Keller Williams Realty and similar locations, for more tips and info.