Hidden Gems To Look For When House Hunting

Posted on: 30 March 2016

If you are in the market for a new home but are limited by your budget, you might be disheartened by the affordable homes on the market. If you can look past traditionally unappealing aspects in potential homes, you might just find a hidden gem that others have overlooked. Here are four superficial issues homes might have that you should try to see past when viewing real estate listings.

1. Outdated Decor

It might be easy to discredit a home that hasn't been updated in years, but it is worth it to look past old wallpaper and ugly linoleum flooring. You can easily replace flooring, paint, and fixtures upon move in. If a home is in a great location, doesn't have major issues, and is priced right, sometimes a fixer-upper won't actually cost much to update overall.

2. Too Much Personal Clutter

While staged homes are always nice to walk through, many times families will still be living in the home they are selling. This can make a home look very personal and can be a turnoff for many potential buyers. Focus on square footage and try your best to imagine an empty space in order to really get a feel for a home. If you can come in with an open mind, a cluttered home might actually meet everything on your must-have list.

3. Unruly Yard Spaces

A lack of curb appeal is often an immediate turn-off for potential homebuyers. If a home has everything you are looking for and just needs some serious landscaping, get an estimate for clearing out a yard full of debris or dead foliage. Sometimes clearcutting, a trash haul, and new fencing can make all of the difference and not be as expensive as you think.

4. Dirt and Grime

While mold or odors might be a deal-breaker, if a home just needs a good scrub, this can be easy to take care of before moving in. Some bank-owned homes or short-sale listings may have been left empty and may not have gotten a top to bottom clean in the process. A shabby looking home might easily be transformed with a little elbow grease.

A lot of potential homebuyers look for homes that are 'move-in ready.' If you can spot the difference between homes that will require a major overhaul and those that might just need a few minor updates, you might find yourself with a great home others have passed over. Try to keep an open mind and think outside the box when house hunting, especially if you are on a budget.

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