Staging Your Home To Attract Buyers

Posted on: 29 March 2016

Selling a home is always a major undertaking, requiring lots of hard work and strategic planning, usually with the help of your real estate agent. In a competitive market, you need to find every edge you can. One way to make your home appeal more to potential buyers is to have it staged. 


Staging can be a simple or elaborate process. A professional "stager" will help you remove clutter and add interest to your home. You may need to put some items into storage so that new furnishings can be placed to make your most important rooms look more inviting. A stager can help you whether you are still living in the room or have already moved. When you are trying to sell your "luxury home," staging is especially important. High-end home buyers need to see that your home can fulfill their more demanding expectations. 


Your home is your castle, and you are probably quite proud of it. While your family pictures and knick knacks comfort you, they may distract potential buyers from the features of your residence. Your preferences are not necessarily those of others, and having so much of "you" around may keep buyers from seeing themselves in "your" space. Having a professional come in and stage your home creates a fresh, often understated, canvas that showcases your home and lets buyers think about how they would decorate it.

More Offers

If you live in an area with several houses for sale, having your home staged can set it apart and generate more interest, especially from online tours. A staged home usually just photographs better, due to less clutter and new furnishings.  More traffic generally means more offers. Several buyers competing for your property can definitely bring in higher offers, even in a competitive market. 


Although the cost of staging can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand, you often more than recoup that money in addition to selling your home much faster, often within six weeks of going on the market. In addition, studies show that staged homes sell for approximately $26,000 more than the owners and agents were anticipating. In most instances, you are much more likely to get a good price if you hire a stager.

Staging your home can simplify the selling process by bringing in more potential buyers and actually increasing your profits. You are rightfully proud of your possessions and personal decorating choices, but sometimes they can get in the way of a buyer's vision of what they want in a home. Hiring someone to stage your home (such as someone from Adobe Homes Florida) can make a successful sale more likely.