The Benefits Of Selling Your Home To A Quick Cash Buyer

Posted on: 23 March 2016

Traditional home sales can take several months to complete. Even after a buyer has been approved for a loan to buy the home, there is still a waiting period required before the sale can close. However, many people now prefer to sell their homes to buyers who are looking for a home they can buy quickly with cash. These are some of the benefits of selling your home to a quick cash buyer.

Making A Faster Sale 

There are many ways that selling your home to a cash buyer can go much more quickly than a traditional sale. There will be no need to wait for a potential buyer to be approved for a loan if he already has the cash on hand. There is no need for hiring a realtor which can mean that your home remains on the market with them for a certain length of time until it sells.

Also, as long as you and the buyer agree upon the sale price, the sale can be made and completed more quickly. You do not have to wait a certain number of days for the sale of the house to close.

Finding A New Home More Quickly 

If finding a new home depends on how long it takes to receive your payment for the sale of your current home, this process can also occur more quickly. In a traditional sale, you may have a few weeks after the contract is signed to move out of the home. During this time, you may also be waiting on your payment which can slow down the process of relocating.

However, by accepting a cash offer from a buyer, you will have your money in your hand more quickly and this will allow you to go shopping for a new home right away. It is not uncommon for a home to be sold to a cash buyer and the new owners to be moved in within only a couple of weeks.

No Need To Pay Realtor Fees 

In a traditional sale, there will be realtor fees to pay if you have a real estate agency selling your home. This covers the cost of the realtor marketing your home, staging your home and showing it to those who have shown an interest in buying it. If you accept a cash offer from a buyer, you can actually keep the money that would normally have been spent using a realtor.

The buyer can also benefit from paying cash for a home instead of financing it. This will save the buyer a substantial amount of money in the long run because the cash sale price will be less than the total cost would be if it were mortgaged through a bank or other lender. Ask your real estate agent about quick cash offers for home in your area.