Remodeling Your Luxury Apartments? Consider Including These Features

Posted on: 7 March 2016

If you are the owner of a luxury apartment community and are thinking of remodeling some or all of your units, it is important to put a lot of thought into the features you add during the remodel. The right features will draw in renters who are willing to pay an even higher rate, raising the luxury appeal of your community even further. Here's a look at four features that are currently very sought-after by renters and would therefore be excellent choices for your units.

Soaking Tubs

In the bathroom, deep soaking tubs, which allow the user to sit on a bench and be fully immersed in water, are exceedingly popular. Usually, these are installed alongside a free-standing shower stall. You can find soaking tubs with and without jet features; opt for the style with jets for the most luxurious appeal. If you have enough space, include a two-person soaking tub in your design. However, a one-person tub is better than nothing if your space is limited.

Interior Cabinet Lighting

When your residents open the cabinets to look for something late at night, interior lighting will make it so much easier for them to see. Interior lighting is an option with most all modern cabinetry. The lights are set up so that they automatically turn on when the cabinet is open and off when it is closed. Interior lights also help illuminate the inside of drawers. Implement these features not only in kitchen cabinets, but also in bathroom cupboards, linen closets, and the like.

Bamboo Flooring

Move over, hardwood floors. Bamboo is the new favorite flooring material for luxury apartments. Not only does bamboo look luxurious and natural, but it is an eco-friendly choice since it is so abundant and grows quickly. With more high-end renters favoring green and earth-friendly living, bamboo floors are sure to help you attract new tenants. Bamboo also absorbs sound, making for quieter, more peaceful apartments. 

Built-In Wet Bars

More and more Americans are adopting mixology, wine tasting, and beer tasting as hobbies. A wet bar will provide residents with a place to prepare drinks to share with friends and family members. A luxurious, hardwood bar with accent lighting and glass embellishments would look lovely in most dining rooms. If your apartments have finished basements, you could even turn them into full-fledged lounges, complete with built-in bars and wall-mounted shelving for storing glasses and other supplies.