Three Things To Do Before Agreeing To Lease A Property

Posted on: 2 March 2016

After graduating from college, there will be certain goals you will have in mind. You will want to find a job and then want to find a place to live. When finding a place of your own, it may be best to lease a home at first so that you can establish your credit for when you want to buy a home later on down the road. If you are interested in leasing a home, use the following guide to learn how to get the best lease possible.

Ask Questions

Ask the landlord why the former tenants left, if they ever had bad tenants, and if the lease has ever needed major remodeling done due to the way that tenants took care of it. A home that has been dilapidated at one point or another may still have hidden damage that you cannot see. You want to be sure that you choose to lease a home that is in the best condition possible.

Have an Inspection Done

Most people make the mistake of leasing a property without knowing if it is in good condition or not. They do a walk through with the landlord, and if they do not see anything wrong with the home during that time, they assume everything is in great condition. If you are serious about leasing the property for a long term lease, you should have the property inspected before signing the lease. Most landlords will have no problem with someone inspecting the property if there is nothing wrong with it.

Negotiate on the Price

Many landlords set the amount they charge for the lease slightly higher than they need it to be. The payment more than likely covers the cost of the mortgage for the property each month, so if it is padded slightly, the landlord may come down on the price, if you ask him or her too. You may be able to negotiate doing work in the home or in the lawn, such as painting walls or planting trees to lower your costs each month, as well.

Leasing a home for an extended period of time requires you to be diligent to ensure that you do not end up agreeing to lease a home that is not the best fit for you. Taking the time to find out everything you can about the home before you agree to lease it decreases your chances of having to deal with problems along the way.

For more information, contact a local property leasing company.