Four Innocent Choices That Can Hurt Your Open House

Posted on: 29 February 2016

If you are hoping to get your home on the market to sell quickly, your open house will be a major part of the process. Even if you are planning on living in your home while selling, it is important to get your space set up in a specific way for the day of your open house. Here are four things that you might not even realize could affect your open house in a negative way.

1. Personalized Furnishings and Artwork

If your home looks too personal, this will be distracting to potential buyers. They might end up getting distracted by your things and not focus on the home itself. Your home should feel like an environment that showcases the home, not a place that makes those visiting feel like they are guests in someone's home. Switch out your artwork with pieces that are less distracting and get any knickknacks in storage while showing your home.

2. Evidence of Pets and Kids

Even if you have cleaned your home well before an open house, it is important to hide any evidence of kids or pets residing in your home. Individuals might have allergies or be turned off by pet bowls and cat boxes throughout the home. Well decorated rooms for children are great, but corners of kid's toys in the living room or jumbles of bikes and strollers outside will look messy and disorganized.

3. Sticking Around

It is hard not to be curious about your own open house and how this is going. It is actually a good idea to get out of the neighborhood and to let your real estate agent to their job. You might think you'll blend in, but you might have a hard time not speaking up if you hear potential buyers asking questions or making comments. Even if you try to stay out of the way in the garage or in the shed, you might scare off buyers who can tell you are most likely the owner and don't feel comfortable discussing your home.

4. Forgetting about Curb Appeal

If you focus all of your attention to cleaning and getting the inside of your home ready, you might forgo some minor upkeep to the exterior that can make all of the difference. At least trim bushes and grass leading up to your home. If your yard has seen better days and has dead grass or bald patches, a quick layer of mulch can make your front yard look more appealing.

Open houses should make potential buyers feel like the previous owners took pride in their home, but not necessarily feel like they are visiting someone else's home. The more anonymous a home can feel, the more potential buyers will be able to envision themselves in the space. If you are hoping to sell your home quickly, make sure that your open house is set up well so that more potential buyers will take interest and hopefully make an offer. To learn more, speak with real estate experts, like those at R & E Investments.