Renting A Home With Young Kids: Often-Overlooked Amenities You'Ll Absolutely Want

Posted on: 28 January 2016

When looking for a house or apartment to live in with your young kids, you need to keep their needs in mind. Of course you'll look for an apartment in a safe neighborhood, near playgrounds, and with enough space for the two of you. But, there are some other amenities that parents often overlook that will serve you and your little ones very well.

Non-Carpeted Floors in Some Areas

It's nice to have carpeting in the bedrooms, since it gives them a cozy feel. You want to make sure, however, that the apartment you rent has hard-surface floors in at least one area. This gives you a better place to let kids do messier activities like finger paint and color with markers. It's a lot easier to get paint or ink off a laminate floor than a carpeted one!

Locking Bedroom Doors

This amenity is more for you than for them. There are going to be times when you want to keep your child out of your bedroom – even if just for a few minutes. Once they learn to operate doorknobs, this will be impossible if there is no lock on the door.

Also, make sure that if there is a lock on the door of the room your child will be sleeping in, that the key is given to you by the landlord. If your child ever locks himself or herself inside that room, you'll need the key to get inside.

A Utility Sink

How many times have you had to scrub a pair of muddy little shoes, find a place to put a pair of pants that a diaper didn't quite protect, or scrub pudding off your child's shirt? Kids sure are little mess makers. A utility sink will make it a lot easier to deal with messes of this sort. Even if it is not in your own apartment, but in a shared laundry area instead, it is definitely something you'll want to look for in an apartment.

An Entryway

Some apartments have an actual entryway, while others open straight up into a living room or kitchen.  As someone with kids, you are going to want an entryway. It gives you a defined space where you can contain all of your kids' shoes and coats, and where you can help them put on their outerwear before going outside. Without an entryway, you're a lot more likely to find your kids' coats and shoes scattered about in their bedrooms and the living room, since there won't be a defined space for them. For more information, contact a business, such as Charles L Moles Real Estate Services.