Three Myths About Carpet Cleaning That Can Damage Your Carpet

Posted on: 9 December 2015

If you have carpeting in your home, then you want to be sure that you know all the right ways to take care of it. With proper care, carpet flooring can last for a long time to come. This can help you to avoid the high cost of replacing your carpeting in the near future. In order to avoid carpet damages and take proper care of your carpet, you will want to know these three myths about carpet cleaning that can damage your carpet:

Clean Once the Carpet Appears Dirty:

Many homeowners with carpet flooring wait until the carpet actually appears dirty to clean it. The problem with this is that dirt and debris begins to gather deep in the fibers of the carpet where it cannot be seen. This dirt and debris is constantly being walked on, which works it into the carpet even more and can even cut into the fibers of the carpet, making it appear worn. The truth is, you should be vacuuming at least once a week even if you don't see any surface dirt that needs to be removed. You should also have your carpets steam cleaned at least once a month and have a professional deep carpet cleaning once a year. 

Using Carpet Shampoo is the Best Deep Clean:

Another common myth about carpet cleaning is that using commercial carpet shampoos is one of the best ways to deep clean your carpet yourself. The problem with this is that carpet shampoo requires you to use a great deal of water. The carpet in your home is going to get soaked and if this isn't dried out properly, which can be difficult to do without high powered fans, you will have moisture that sits in the carpeting. This moisture is what can cause mold and mildew growth, which is going to cause you to have to replace the carpeting in your home. 

Carpet Protectants Help You Avoid Carpet Cleaning:

Many homeowners try to avoid regular carpet cleaning by using carpet protectants that are supposed to help fight stains. What carpet protectants do instead is make any stains take longer to soak in. Stains will eventually soak in, though, and will be tougher to get out. Instead, stains should be treated immediately by soaking up the liquid with paper towels as much as possible. After you have soaked up the liquid, use equal parts of distilled vinegar and water to blot the stain to neutralize it and then soak the moisture out again with paper towels until dry. 

By knowing some of the myths that surround carpet cleaning, you can be sure that you know some better ways to avoid damage to the carpeting in your home.

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