4 Ways to Avoid an Eviction Hurting Your Family

Posted on: 30 January 2015

Bad situations happen to good people all the time. Unfortunate events such as a job loss, increased medical bills, or auto repair issues can place families behind in paying their rent. If you are facing an eviction, here are four ways to avoid it from hurting your family and get a new apartment to rent.

1. Search for an Apartment Once You're Behind in Your Rent

The problem many renters face once they are evicted is that it's difficult to rent again with an eviction shown on file. You may find someone willing to overlook it, but you may face issues such as:

  • A request for double or triple the security deposit
  • Renting in an unfavorable area for your family
  • An apartment too small for your family

To avoid any of these issues, if you find yourself falling behind in paying your rent, seek out another home immediately. You want to avoid searching for a new home with an eviction on your record. You also do not want to have just a month to try to find the perfect home for you and your family.

2. Work Something Out with Your Landlord to Prevent Going to Court

Even if you've found a new place to stay, you are still bound to a lease. Some landlords may understand your situation and let you out of the lease. Other landlords may want to ensure they get their full contractual amount due up until the time you move, so that they may proceed with an eviction.

See if you can work something out with your landlord, such as via mediation services. It may be more cost effective for you both as you will not need a lawyer. You could even draw up a contract agreeing to pay a particular amount each month until the past due amount is paid in full. Have it signed by a notary as your witness.

3. Ensure Your Other Bills are Paid on Time

When looking for a new apartment to rent, it's important to keep your credit report looking as flawless as possible. Pay your bills on time to show you are a responsible tenant. This is important to do in case the eviction does go through. You can explain your situation but show proof of your other bills being caught up.

4. Get Reference Letters from Employers and Friends

In addition to showing your bills paid on time after an eviction shows on your credit report, you can always see if your potential landlord will accept reference letters from employers and friends. Get a referral letter from a prior landlord if possible. You want to prove to your new landlord that you are responsible and just had a one-off occurrence.

Protect your family by taking these action steps before an eviction occurs. Your new apartment should be one you can well afford and are content with for a few years. For more tips, talk to resources such as Bonita Terrace Apartments.