Heading To Retirement And House Too Big? Some Options You Have

Posted on: 28 January 2015

If you are about ready for retirement, and currently live in a large house, you should consider moving. This can save you a large amount of money, because you will not have to worry about large utility bills, and other upkeep to a large home.

Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes are a great choice for retired couples. They are just like a regular home, but made much differently. You should contact a realtor (or a company such as M & W Manufactured Home Sales) and walk through a few of them. You will be amazed at how they look, and because they are less expensive, they typically come with many extra features.

These homes are made in a local factory, and then sent to where you are building it. The contractors put the house together in just a few days.

You will have to have the foundation laid before they arrive to build your new home. It is also rare to have any errors in the materials, as everything is made in a factory.

The amenities you will find are outstanding. For example, you may have vaulted ceilings, ceramic tiles in the kitchen floor, as well as in the bathroom. You may also have a jetted bathtub, stand in glass shower, and two sinks.

Manufactured homes are also green if you care about the environment. This is because they are made in a factory, and do not waste any materials.  If they do end up with scraps, they usually recycle them.

Choose Adult Communities

Some retirees choose to live in an adult community. You will find many of the people there are around your age. Most communities also have things like swimming pools, golf courses, exercise classes, and you may be able to go hiking if you live in the right area.

In an adult community, you can either purchase a new home, or you can rent your home. The homes are detached, and will be less expensive than a larger home. They are smaller, but plenty big enough for two people to live in.

You will likely feel comfortable there. You will also feel safer there, as you will be close to people. Many adult communities are secured by a gate around the homes. Some may have a security guard on duty at all times.

Because you are moving to a much smaller home, you can make some money by selling your home, as well as things you no longer want, or have room for.